Portraits from Geelong

I stuffed quite a bit of photography into my brief time in Geelong – both during the conference and after it! A lot of what I’ve been doing this year is seabird photography from a boat – so it was a nice change of pace to sit in one spot and wait to see what wandered up to me, or to go for a quiet […]


AOC conference poster

The alternative title for this post is “Edin does the science”. I’ve written a few posts about my Master’s project over the course of this year which you can read here and here. Now I can share some preliminary results! This was the poster I presented at the Australasian Ornithological Conference in Geelong in early November, which was a fantastic three days of quality bird […]


Flesh-footed shearwaters

Although my research is focused on Grey-faced petrels, I’ve got to know the other seabird inhabitants of the Hauraki Gulf quite well this year. These sleek birds – Flesh-footed shearwaters – are one I’ve also had the pleasure (and pain) of getting close to. They’re beautiful. And vicious. I’ve got a good scar from helping out with an annual burrow-check recently. But I’m one of […]



It’s been busy. I’ve been doing the last lot of fieldwork for my Master’s thesis. It’s extremely nocturnal. I went to the Australasian Ornithological Conference in Geelong. I don’t have the energy to write any more words at the moment, so I’ll leave you with my favourite photo from Geelong. A Superb fairywren. Don’t they have such wonderful names?


A chaos of wings and water

First you hear it. Like river rapids rushing over rocks, a frothing, hissing, bubbling sound that erupts out of nowhere. But there is no river, because you’re out at sea, rocking over the swells. There should be nothing but the gentle lap of waves against the boat. And then you see it. White water. The sea is boiling, churning, alive. And above this, a pulsing […]


Snorkelling at Goat Island

It’s another quick post from Edin, because damn am I all over the place right now! All going to plan I will return from the Australasian Ornithological ¬†Conference (and a few days haring around taking bird photos) tomorrow, immediately head to Tawharanui for a bird banding course, and then jump on a boat to go to the Noises for three days for my own fieldwork. […]


NNST blogs – Burgess

Today’s post is a bit of a cheat, because it’s actually just a link to a blog I wrote for the Northern New Zealand Seabird Trust. I shared some photos a while back from our trip to Burgess Island, but if you want to know more about the science we did there, give this a read! Below are a few extra photos that didn’t quite […]


Out on the water

In a word, my life at the moment is hectic. But I don’t mind at all, because I thrive on action. And what’s keeping me busy at the moment is also a lot of fun. There’s my Master’s research for one. I’m in the thick of fieldwork, planning what seems like an endless number of trips to islands to catch birds. After spending long nights […]



Seabird science is glamorous. I spend a lot of time lying down, face-first in the mud, with my arm in a hole in the ground. Like so: At the moment, these holes in the ground sometimes have Grey-faced petrel chicks in them. And while the old ‘shove your arm in and find out’ method often works, there are also burrows where it’s difficult to know […]


The Miracle Bird

On the 20th of September I had one of those moments. One of those moments of pure joy and excitement at seeing a new species of bird for the first time. It’s always like a bubble in my chest that just won’t burst, and to be honest there were a few tears at the corners of my eyes. This moment was particularly special, because the […]