Muriwai Beach – What we throw away

I took these photos two months ago, but it seems like much longer. Anna and I spent an evening being sandblasted while picking plastic off of Muriwai Beach. So many straws. Lollypop sticks. Toothbrushes. Bottlecaps. Yesterday at Waiwera, I watched a party balloon skid across the beach and out into the Hauraki Gulf. We unthinkingly throw so much plastic into the environment, and it ends […]


A week on Aotea/Great Barrier Island in photos

So what did we actually do for a week on Aotea/Great Barrier? The field trip was for a Terrestrial ecology course, which meant a lot of looking at trees, looking at shrubs, looking at wetlands, looking at wildly rotating coprolites, looking at mangroves, looking at more trees, and writing things down. At the moment I’m shuffling through the data we gathered to write my last […]


Stay – it’s worth it

After a day on Tiritiri Matangi, Dad and I were keen to head out to Muriwai and visit the gannet colony again. The sea was a mess, grey foam tossed up from frothy breakers haphazardly crawling up the shore. Fine black sand, invisible in the wind, embedded itself in my eyes in little stinging grits.  The haze of salt-spray rose up the cliffs, a fine […]



So the past month or so has been hellish. If I kept a journal, at the moment 90% of it would be me stressing about due dates. But I’m not going to talk about that. A few weeks ago, after I gave my (nerve-wracking) thesis proposal seminar, Mum and Dad came up to Auckland. We planned on packing as much fun stuff as possible into […]


Photography Workshops with the Kaipatiki Project

This year I’ve been lucky enough to start leading photography workshops. It’s a big step forward for me, but I’m always up for a challenge! Back in May the wonderful team at the Kaipatiki Project asked me if I’d like to lead a weekend course introducing people to their DSLRs and the world of nature photography. Balancing writing a photography course with my university commitments was […]


Aotea / Great Barrier Island Highlights

At the end of August I spent a week on Aotea/Great Barrier Island as part of one of my postgraduate courses. We were there to survey vegetation in forests and wetland systems, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. It wasn’t a photo-heavy trip for me, but I did enjoy the opportunities I took to get some images. Here are a few visual highlights from the […]


Misty Kuirau

I realised the other day that I have surprisingly few photos of the place I grew up – Rotorua. It’s one of the tourist hotspots of the North Island, and yet I’ve never really photographed much there. Apart from the Redwoods. And at Wingspan. But what makes Rotorua is the geothermal activity – our writhing mud-pools, vaporous streams, and the milk-white water of Sulphur point. […]


Golden Evenings at Okareka

Going home is the best. I’m in the middle of a frantic year of postgraduate study, and most of my time is spent fearing deadlines and not generally getting a lot of sleep. As a lot of you know, I’m doing a Post-graduate Diploma in Biosecurity and Conservation – which also counts at the first year of a two-year Master’s qualification from the University of […]


NZ Geo Finalists!

For those of you keeping up with us on Instagram, you’ll know that both Dad and I have photos as finalists in the New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year awards! I’m beyond excited to have one of my photos featured alongside the amazing work of photographers I greatly admire. And for me, it’s all the more special that both of our photos were taken […]


The best of winter

I love the photo opportunities that come with winter. Long golden hours as the sun slowly rises and sets, crisp mornings and cosy evenings curled up at home in a blanket. We haven’t had much of a winter this year though, it has been very warm. Here’s a few of my favourite memories from the past few months. Photos that prove it’s worth getting up […]