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Addicted to the wilderness. Often found hiding in tussock, at sea, or climbing precarious-looking structures with camera in hand. Endlessly fascinated by the world.


We are wired to look for patterns. It’s why we see cloud-animals, and faces in everyday objects. We find regular, repeating, symmetric things pleasing to look at. I’m always looking out for natural patterns. Lines and regularity among the chaos. And every now and then, I find it. There’s something I really enjoy about making simple compositions. It’s like a breath of fresh air for […]


On luck

There’s a lot to be said for luck in wildlife photography. Most of my photos I don’t plan in advance, and I just take what comes. I react to what’s around me as it’s happening, I watch and ideas come to me based on what the birds are doing. And there’s a lot of trial and error and missed opportunities. And then – sometimes I […]


On the joy of image-making

It’s very easy to feel negative about our own photography. With a deluge of new, amazing photos alighting on our Instagram feeds every day, it’s often hard not to feel discouraged. To think that we’ll never measure up, never be as successful, never take photos that wow other people.   This is no way to measure ourselves as photographers. We can’t compare ourselves to others, […]


2017 Highlights

This year has been dominated by my Master’s research, but it has also been a fun year photographically. Although my usual adventures were limited, being involved in seabird research has given me the opportunity to visit some fabulous places, and I’ve sneaked in a lot of photography along the way! I’ve also managed to cram in some fun times with friends – doing birdy things […]


Another handful of Geelong birds

It was Dad processing photos for a blog this morning that reminded me I didn’t have anything written. It’s nice to be home, briefly, for the holiday season. I’m still working – I now have most of the data for my thesis and am wrapping my brains around the analysis of it. But it’s nice to be able to do that from home for a […]


Portraits from Geelong

I stuffed quite a bit of photography into my brief time in Geelong – both during the conference and after it! A lot of what I’ve been doing this year is seabird photography from a boat – so it was a nice change of pace to sit in one spot and wait to see what wandered up to me, or to go for a quiet […]


AOC conference poster

The alternative title for this post is “Edin does the science”. I’ve written a few posts about my Master’s project over the course of this year which you can read here and here. Now I can share some preliminary results! This was the poster I presented at the Australasian Ornithological Conference in Geelong in early November, which was a fantastic three days of quality bird […]


Flesh-footed shearwaters

Although my research is focused on Grey-faced petrels, I’ve got to know the other seabird inhabitants of the Hauraki Gulf quite well this year. These sleek birds – Flesh-footed shearwaters – are one I’ve also had the pleasure (and pain) of getting close to. They’re beautiful. And vicious. I’ve got a good scar from helping out with an annual burrow-check recently. But I’m one of […]



It’s been busy. I’ve been doing the last lot of fieldwork for my Master’s thesis. It’s extremely nocturnal. I went to the Australasian Ornithological Conference in Geelong. I don’t have the energy to write any more words at the moment, so I’ll leave you with my favourite photo from Geelong. A Superb fairywren. Don’t they have such wonderful names?


A chaos of wings and water

First you hear it. Like river rapids rushing over rocks, a frothing, hissing, bubbling sound that erupts out of nowhere. But there is no river, because you’re out at sea, rocking over the swells. There should be nothing but the gentle lap of waves against the boat. And then you see it. White water. The sea is boiling, churning, alive. And above this, a pulsing […]