Let it happen

Back to photography, since my more recent posts have largely been about my research. Striking the right balance is hard, but I have been trying to take more photos recently. I’ve been struggling, to be honest. The past year has been more brutal than most for creative blocks, which hasn’t been helped by the fact that I very rarely get out on dedicated photo-missions. But […]


The Goat Island Trip

I said last week that I don’t have any hands free to take photos when I’m doing my fieldwork, which is largely true. It doesn’t mean that I’m not going to take every possible opportunity to take a few photos though – mainly with my phone!   Especially when the weather is this good…and to get out to one of my field sites we have […]


My fieldwork in photos

Doing fieldwork for my research is when I’m happiest. I’m an outdoors, physical person – I like to be doing things and interacting with the world. Collecting my own data is also hugely exciting! The problem with me doing the fieldwork is it means I don’t have any free hands to photograph the fieldwork being done. Which is why I like to take people with me. To […]


What am I doing?

I realised that I’ve not really explained what I’m doing for my Master’s particularly well here. I spent so much of last year planning it out that it’s just become a part of my life, but up until now my blog has stayed firmly on the photography side. It’s not something I can keep seperate any more, as I considered a while back. At the […]


The everyday life of a biology Master’s student

So I’m doing my Master’s this year. It means I spend a lot of time not taking photos (most of my University career has meant this, to be honest), and instead I spend a lot of time reading, writing, and frantically filling out Health and Safety forms so I’m allowed to go and enjoy my field work. But most of the time (so far), I’m […]


Photos I wouldn’t have taken

I’ve been looking through old photos recently, from when I was first starting to explore the world of nature photography. The bird photos are interesting, because they’re all very similar. Frame-filling images of birds doing not much. Standing. Perching. A little later, when I started getting better at tracking birds in flight, there are a handful of decent flight shots. The birds are usually slap […]


Birds in motion – Panning

Birds in flight are up there with tricky subjects to photograph. They’re fast moving, often erratic, and keeping them in the narrow field of view of a telephoto lens requires practice. The rewards are big though – a good, sharp bird in flight shot can really capture the beautiful nature of these creatures. But once you’ve got that skill down, why not make things more […]


A quick Tiri trip

Every time I get out into the Hauraki Gulf, I’m amazed. It seems a little bizarre that so close to New Zealand’s biggest city, there can exist this absolute haven for wildlife. A few minutes out from the busy hub of downtown Auckland, you can expect to see throngs of seabirds and even cetaceans (although I’ve always missed the Orca when they come to play […]


The Why

Why do I take photos? Why do I carry around heavy, clunky gear to wild places, to be battered by the elements? Why do I then spend time sitting in front of a screen, sifting through images to find the ones that shine?   It’s for moments like these.   It’s for evenings when the sky is so wide, so endless, that I feel like […]


Finding your eyes

I’m having real difficulty putting images and words together at the moment. It’s a bit like ‘Writer’s Block’ – except that I’m stuck with finding photographs as well! I have no shortage of photographs to potentially talk about, but I just can’t get into the right headspace to write anything worthwhile. My Take Shitty Photos post has got me thinking a lot about the creative […]